A Starred Sky over the Roman Ghetto

The past is intertwined with the present: the discovery of a letter containing a mysterious yellowed photograph of a little girl leads a group of young students in search of the truth. 

Giulio Base 

Israel Cesare Moscati 
Marco Beretta 

Israel Cesare Moscati 
Marco Beretta 

Giuseppe Riccobene 

Magda Accolti Gil  

Walter Caprara 

Camera Operator 
Piero Parisi 

Mauro Ruvolo 

Stefano Varini  

Original Soundtrack 
Pietro Freddi 

Original Soundtrack produced by  
Ala Bianca Group 

General Manager 
Antonio Alessi 

Created with the support of Regione Lazio Fondo regionale per il cinema e l’audiovisivo 

Under the patronage of 
Jewish Community of Rome 

Altre Storie and Clipper Media, with Rai Cinema 

Director of Production 
Altre Storie Francesca Schirru 

Produced by  
Cesare Fragnelli  
Sandro Bartolozzi 

Length 102 minutes 

Press Office 

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While trying to unravel the mystery behind the photo, the students face a journey through the memory of a painful past, namely that of the roundup of the Jewish quarter of Rome. And while belonging to different religions, they try to make it an opportunity for collective reflection by walking together in their first existential, personal, cultural commitment. 


Prizes and Awards




SOFIA Bianca Panconi
RUBEN Daniele Rampello
LEA Irene Vetere
TATO Marco Todisco
ILAN Francesco Rodrigo
VALENTINA Emma Matilda Liò
GRANDMOTHER Aurora Cancian
GIULIA Alessandra Celi 

With the participation of 
SUOR LUCIA Lucia Zotti 

With the friendly participation of 
VOLTERRA Domenico Fortunato