Life is a Gift

Five women. A journey through their life stories, through their different ways of being a woman and overcoming breast cancer.

Clipper Media
and Rai Cinema

Produced by
Sandro Bartolozzi

Executive Producer
Barbara Meleleo

Sandro Bartolozzi
Antonello Sarao

Simone Messina

Original Soundtrack
Francesco Gazzara

Sound Engineer
Stefano Civitenga

Sound Designer
Richard Cimino

Director’s collaboration
Raphael Tobia Vogel

Israel Cesare Moscati

In collaboration with
Umberto Veronesi Foundation

© Clipper Media

“Life is a gift” is a story of unmentionable pain that also involve those close to those who experience it, provoking different reactions. When the life plan is distorted by illness, a process of struggle and transformation begins.

The five women in this documentary find new strength in running. They run together until they reach the final finish line of the marathon. The greatest and most difficult goal there can be: that of living.

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