L’innesto. Padre e figlio.

Fathers and sons: an endless dialogue between two worlds, united or parallel? How can we define the father-son relationship? Is it complicity, a contrast or an advantage? Are the two worlds united?Are they in an eternal clash or do they follow parallel roads?

Produced by
Clipper Media

Directed by
Gianfranco Cabiddu

Written by
Gianfranco Cabiddu

Cinematography by
Sandro Bartolozzi

Film editing by
Leonardo Cabiddu

Music by
Paolo Fresu

Production Manager 
Natascia Palmieri

In collaboration with
Associazione Culturale TIME IN JAZZ
Associazione Culturale Backstage


The graft between father and son, the “meaning” of values and traditions that are handed down from one generation to another, in a sincere, mature dialogue: a father and a son suspended peacefully in time, who can sincerely under stand each other, despite their essential differences.

The main characters of the format are grown-up people, fulfilled in their professions and interests, people who reckon peacefully and serenely with their fathers and with being fathers themselves. It is a glance inside with eyes closed that gives new life to everything left in custody by the “fathers”, that helps them see their differences in a new light.

The gratitude of the great musician from Berchidda towards his island, Sardinia, is well known; a feeling rooted in his relationship with the land, the language and the sounds of an immense and extraordinary nature. A bond he established from the time he was a child living in the countryside of Tucconi, realizing even then he would be indebted to this land for the rest of his life. Central in his life is the education and example of his father Lillino, who worked, built and taught him to love the land.
The graft probes this intimate relationship, stimulating a reflection between Father and Son: a jazz musician, modern, known the world over, who speaks Sardinian, the only language known by his nearly ninety-year-old father Lillino, who did every kind of job feasible in the country, toiling as a cork extractor, a day labourer, a farmer and a shepherd.
On the Limbara mountainside on the horizon of Tucconi, the life of Lillino, a farmer and a poet, travels through the entire Sardinian history, from the last century to now, an emblematic metaphor of a difficult journey, but one that is always optimistic and full of hope and wisdom.
Paolo Fresu was born and grew up in Berchidda. Living between Paris and Bologna, he has been travelling around the world for years, performing more than 180 concerts. His secret of being an artist, however, lies in his “ideal departure “ from his own land: the sense of being back home, the countryside, his people, his loved ones. The past that engrafts into the present, accepting what is new with maturity and sharing it with adults and children, shepherds and intellectuals, common people, young people from everywhere and speaking every language.