Voices from Jerusalem

A documentary in which an unprecedented, complex and multifaceted Jerusalem is crossed and recounted, a place of inexhaustible discovery, accompanying the viewer on a journey punctuated by two antithetical symbols of the city: on one side the tram line that connects and connects, and on the other the wall and the divisions that separate people and consciences.

Clipper Media and Rai CInema
from an idea by Franco Scaglia and Lucetta Scaraffia

Produced by
Sandro Bartolozzi

Executive Producer
Barbara Meleleo

Raphael Tobia Vogel

Original Soundtrack
Francesco Gazzara

Sandro Bartolozzi
Antonello Sarao

Leonardo Cabiddu

Live Sound Engineer
Stefano Civitenga

Sound Designer
Riccardo Cimino


It is not easy to consider Jerusalem as a single entity and not as three distinct cities, each linked to its own confession: the west with a Jewish majority, the east with a Muslim majority, the resistance of the Christian community, but also the cases in which the three city and the life paths of their inhabitants touch and, at times, merge.

The film approaches the daily life of those who live there and travel through the city, of those who have never visited one of the “two other cities”, of those who are forced to live in spaces they would rather not share but also of those who work constantly to build bridges made of understanding and encounter.

To accompany the journey there are the noises of Jerusalem. Voices of demographers, taxi drivers, cooks, boxers, students, ultra-Orthodox, artists in which, for a few days, the utopia of coexistence comes incredibly close to reality.